What is my dream? (By Ann)

What is my dream?


My dream always changes. I want to be a teacher when I was studying in kindergarten because I feel that correcting other’s homework is a pride job. I want to be a nurse when I was studying primary school because I want to be a White-Angel and save those patients. I want to be a flight attendance after then because I want to travel around the world and see a lot of things. I want to adopt different
culture and live in different environment. Unfortunately, I become no dream until I was 12 years old. My last dream is become a housewife. On that day, I remember my teacher asks all the students to write down our dreams occupation in our student handbook and hand in to her. I was so hesitate that should I write the true answer on it? Will I being laugh by others? Finally, I wrote the truth that I want to be a housewife but the nightmare was came. One day, I got my mother’s call. She told me that my teacher was created a meeting for her and wants she can come with me which is about my dream so that I came with my mother to found my teacher. I almost can remember how nervous I was at that time. “Your daughter wants to be a housewife”. I didn’t know why I was so shame at that time. “Why everyone wants to become a lawyer or doctor but you only want to be a housewife?” I was cried. I really think that this experience really change my life. I really want to ask my teacher why I should be a lawyer or doctor. But I didn’t. I know that why everyone want to be a lawyer, because they can earn a lot of money and have authority to control others. I think that it’s a kind of socialization. Everyone has their role in the world and it becomes part of the sense of me. It seems that everyone should feedback their family and society, so I started to revise my dream and think again do I interest in become a lawyer? Should I change my mind and want to become a lawyer? But does everyone’s dream equal to my dream? Why I can’t have my own dream? Become a lawyer or teacher or doctor almost becomes a norm among my schoolmate at that time. I know that a society itself is formed through a plurality of shared norms, customs, values, traditions. I understand that everyone wants to strive for a better life, but why I cannot strive for a simply and quiet life? I don’t want to be a rich person, I just want to be a simply and ordinary people. Why my teacher force me to follow majority’s norm? I really don’t understand. But I accept it. I cannot deny that money is dominated in nowadays. Many people work for their entire life just want to buy a house. I cannot say that I don’t want money, but I prefer earn money in my interested method. Many people when choosing their major subject in university just focusing on the future but not their interest. I cannot say that it is wrong, but I really pride of myself that I can follow my interest in choosing my subject. But how about my dream? I still decided to follow my interest but in a silent way. Because it’s socialization, it’s life.

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