The difference between me and my parents ( By Ann,Ivan and Cherry)

It’s really an interesting topic. After the interview, not only can I have better understanding about my parent’s childhood, but also have a deep conservation between me and my parents. My main interviewee is my father; he told me that when he was 20, the largest entertainment for him was watching television. Television programs at that time were just broadcasted a few hours a day, and only had black and white pictures. At the time, television was an unusual entertainment because not all family can afford to buy a television. Fortunately, his home got a television, so he can enjoy some TV dramas every evening. As I mention that, not every family can buy a television, so his neighbor’s children will come to his home to enjoy the TV drama every night. Because of the “ask for television activity” everyday, he can met his neighbors and understand them more easily. Apart from the television, radio was also the favorite media for his childhood. Most of the international news were come from the radio and he can reach everywhere around the world just sat before the radio. Also, he loved listening certain radio show host or DJ program, but the timeframe was subject to the broadcasting schedule. It was inconvenient for him to stay at home every day at the same time to listen to the radio, so he always cannot finish the whole story of the radio show.

When I asked him, were there any telephone and newspaper for you? The answer is NO! It’s unbelievable. How come there was no telephone on the world. Unfortunately, the truth is that. Even you can afford the price of telephone, but the other side you want to talk to cannot afford it, that means useless. When he was 20, the cheapest way to get information was from the people. Most of the news was come from his schoolmates and neighbors. However, the authenticity and the extensity of the news were low, so he always got fake news from his neighbors.

Nowadays, internet and television are my favorite. I seldom listen to radio. I can easily watch the TV program at anywhere. I do not need to go to my friend’s home to ask for television. Even though I missed the TV program, I can use the internet to search it out easily. There is no more restriction due to the broadcasting schedule. Also, everyone have a mobile phone. I can talk to my friend even she is on the other side of the world every time and everywhere. Not only can I hear her voice, but I can also see her face. What I need is just open the webcam on my computer. After the interview with my father, I really cannot understand how he can live without internet and telephone. But I admit that the “ask for television activity” really can strengthen the relationship between people. That’s why he still has contact with his neighbors now. This is what modern teenagers lacking of. That’s the reason why many people said that the teenagers who are called “after 80” are self centered. Because they can do everything just before their computers so that they will not go out and indulge in their own world. Everything has two sides. Technology can help us to interact with others easily in a virtual way, but it will also make us do not know how to communicate with others in person. However, if I can have a chance to choose, I will still choose live in now. It is because I cannot live without telephone.

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