Action News from Apply Daily ( By Ann, Ivan and Cherry)

Action news from Apple Daily

There is a new trend of animated news report in Hong Kong recently which call “動新聞”. It is a kind of video that using an animation to present the news and is first launched by Apple Daily on November 16, 2009 in Taiwan. It is a realist animation to explain news from Taiwan Next Media Interactive Limited production platforms in mobile phone and internet network.

By using the attractive animation and the “kuso” voice over, audience will surely be fascinated by this kind of action news. After this new type of animation news reaches a huge success in Tai Wan, Hong Kong also imports this kind of news report by Apple Daily and also it is popular in Hong Kong recently. I think why this type of animation news can be so success because of some reasons. Firstly, all of these animations were made in a very short period because of the timely requirement of the news. Complementing with the animation and the text, it will let the audiences have a clear understanding of the whole picture about the incidents and cause an immersive feeling.

Also, that animation news will not only place on the official homepage, but also put on another internet network just as the Youtube which is a very popular channel via internet. By placing the animation news on the Youtube, those youngsters who don’t like to read newspaper can also assess the news more easily rather than to buy a newspaper or visit the official homepage of Apply Daily. Moreover, they can easily share this animation news through Facebook and Twitter with their friends. As a result, more and more people can assess to this kind of animation news widely.

Apart from the high usage rate of Youtube, Youtube also have a special function which is attractive for the audience. It is the discussion function. By having discussion function, audience can express their feelings and opinions of the news. And Apple Daily can analyze the opinions and discussions and do some following actions such as having some special or designated topics on the issue.

However, the action news from Apple Daily also stirs up a lot of controversy and complains. As we all know, Apple Daily frequently reports local gossip news and they often prominently reports sensational news not only on their newspaper, but also on the Apple action news. A lot of people think that the action news is so realistic and bald. Apple action news describes the suicide, crime and brutal event tremendously. It makes those audiences feel in person and anxious when dealing with some sexual assault and domestic violence topic. In Tai Wan, Apple action news has even been punished 500,000 yuan NT by Taipei City Government because Apple action news does not have any classification measurement on the action news.

As we all know that internet is a kind of new media, I think that Apple Daily can utilize the multifunctional features of internet and reporting news not only in visual channel, but also the auditory channel which is a good try. I hope that they can invent more new media in the future.

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